Welcome to the VIP Club of Platinum Puzzy!

Here you will find the ultimate VIP access for those of you who want to get up close and personal on a daily basis with me! As of late, I have limited my public appearances and fan meet and greets to those who have truly shown support through my VIP club!

The process is easy!  Here are the steps to the process of becoming a VIP club member:

  1.  Select the membership plan of your choice.
  2.  Choose the method of payment you wish to use.
  3.  You pay. 
  4.  Send your email address, links to social media, and/or any additional information to the services you will be using to PlatinumPuzzy@gmail.com
  5.  You are added to all the selected services.  Cam shows are scheduled and provided via Skype or Facetime.  

Here are the options available:

Cam Show Time

5 min $20 ($4 min)

10min $30 ($3 min)

15min $45 ($3 min)

20min $50 ($2.50min)


30min  $60 ($2min)

*All of the time doesn’t have to be used at once.  Your left over time rolls over for use at a later date.  Cam shows are done via Skype or Facetime.  

*Shows need to be scheduled as best as possible.  IMMEDIATE availability will not always be granted.


Video Packages

Get access to 50+ xxx videos in a pre-uploaded Dropbox

Hardcore Interracial

Girl on Girl

Strap on


*No XXX in your browser

*Accessible from any device

*No downloads are necessary

*Requests are honored but not guaranteed.

***These videos are not to be shared, duplicated, uploaded, sold, or distributed in any way.***

Dare Club Challenges

*As a member you get to submit challenges

*You receive discounts on challenges

*You get access to watch live challenges & videos of completed dares.

The dare club is where as a XXX club member you submit your dare request, make a bid on what you want to pay, I come back with the ultimate $ amount to fulfill the dare.  You can either elect to pay the full amount yourself and be the only one to watch live, and get a copy of the video OR you can make it a public dare and submit your donation, while I get others to donate as well.  Once we reach the goal amount collectively, we then arrange a live time/date for the dare to be completed.  

Custom Videos

As a VIP member, you get the opportunity to be a part of my video production process.  By presenting your idea, you are the director of my next film!  You get to be part of the creative making and bringing your fantasy to life.





Website Access 

*VIP members are granted access to my websites.









*Autographed Magazines

*Printed Autographed Photos


These items are available at discounted prices and expedited shipping for VIP club members.





Hit It & Quit It  $25

This includes a 5 minute cam show via Skype or Facetime


Friends with Benefits $50

10 minute cam show 

(1) of the following: Facebook group, Glide, Snapchat, Periscope, Kik, Instagram DM club


Side Chick $100

*15 min cam show

*Dropbox xxx video club 

*(1) of the following: Facebook group, Glide, Snapchat, Periscope, Kik, Instagram DM club.

Ultimate Main VIP Bitch $150

*30 minutes cam time

*Dropbox XxX video club

*ALL of the social media platforms (Facebook, Glide, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram DM club, Periscope) 

*My personal number for texting/pics

Payment Methods

Google Wallet


Invoice to your email address using Square (U.S. Credit or Debit card required)

Canada & International Payments:  http://platinumpuzzy.xxx/tips (enter the amount of our agreement in the box, and pay via my website)




V.I.P Club F.A.Q.

You want to get to know me better or meet me in person?  “I want to get to know you Kari, and eventually meet you in person so this doesn’t work for me since it’s all done online and via phone apps.”

The ONLY way I will consider getting to know you better, letting you get to know me or eventually meeting in person is if you establish a line of trust which THIS is how you open that line up.  If you aren’t willing to support me and show me you are serious, then getting to know me and meeting is not an option.  


I don’t want anything xxx in my browser or found by someone who might look at my phone or computer.  

No problem!  Several of the options are very discreet and don’t require you to do anything but log into facebook, dropbox or social media apps.


I don’t want a recurring charge on my statement or anything porno related to show either.  

No problem, the charge is discreet and it’s a one time charge for lifetime access.  Your payment information is used on sites and through sources that are secure.  I do NOT require, request or want your personal information.  


How do I cancel?

All you have to do is remove yourself.  There is no need to cancel.


What happens when my cam time runs out or I want videos NOT in the dropbox package?

Your VIP membership is lifetime meaning you get the VIP discount on ALL products and services once you join.  Cam time will be locked in at $2 min (minimum of 10min) and videos are 50% off retail price.  Memberships to websites, are also available at discounted prices.  In SOME cases you can make special requests for certain types of videos or change a service for additional cam time or specific videos.  The GREAT thing about the VIP club is that you get to customize your ultimate Platinum Puzzy experience! 

Where and how do I retrieve these items:

Website access is provided to you via email with a username and password for your access.

Personalized photos can be delivered via email or printed & shipped to your mailing address.

Texting services are rendered with an email that includes my personal phone number.  

Panties, Autographed magazines, DVD’s are shipped to your mailing address provided.

Dare Club – you are entered into the club and included in notification of dare challenges.

Cam show time – you are given both my facetime and skype id’s to schedule your cam show.  

Custom Video – you will email me your custom video request to platinumpuzzy@gmail.com (CUSTOM VIDEO will appear in the subject line) you will need to explain what you want in your video including details such as wardrobe request, location requests, and dialogue.  

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