I never thought in a million years I would ever understand how someone wanted to just be an escort, and not maximize their income abilities by doing webcam shows, adult movies and other things within the sex worker business.  However, the day has come where it ALL makes sense.


I remember making calls to solicit escorts for photo shoots and porn shoots and getting the cold shoulder when they realized I wasn’t trying a “trick.”  Frankly, I was disturbed at how they seemed unwilling to make more money and get more exposure.  But then, it clicked and I realized why.

  1.  Many of the ladies of the night don’t want friends, family and their local community to know what they are doing.  The secret stays safe with blurred faces and cell phone body shots.  Anonymous names and trap phones mask their personal information and the secret remains just that, a secret.
  2. You deal with less people and less drama.  The adult industry is full of unnecessary drama, sharks out for blood and it is A LOT of work.  It seems almost effortless to just lay down, take it for an hour and go on about your business.
  3. More money.  Well, if you are charging more than $40 you’d make more money.
  4. There’s no online evidence of your “smut” so when you are ready to stop you can quit and go without worrying that your porn is still online and can’t be removed.
  5. Unless someone actually comes to see you in person, you can deny it was ever you and claim someone used your photos.  Anonymity allows you to support your story.

Today, my opinion is totally different and I completely understand the need to disconnect from the porn industry and just escort.  I commend sex workers across the board regardless of what you do or don’t do.  At the end of the day, we all pick and choose our struggle and how we deal with it.

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