10 year Cammiversary

10 year Cammiversary

 I celebrated 10 years in camming!  I started Niteflirt in 2005, which at the time was primarily phone chat.  Eventually with the evolution of technology and video chat services becoming more available to the public cam services began!  From there I went to Imlive, iFriends, and a few other sites.   I was so old school, I originally used a video camcorder to stream!  
MsThang69 and Winter Grand joined me for the celebration!  Winter decorated the room, blew up balloons, and made sure the bed was protected from my grand finale squirt-splosion!  The recorded show is available on PlatinumPuzzy.com for all members, OR if you are just interested in the video itself, BBWCLIPS4SALE.com has just the video with no monthly recurring charges or subscription access.  

You can participate in my weekly members show as a member of PlatinumPuzzy.com every Thursday at 7pm est for ONE whole hour! You will also find all the videos we filmed coming soon to the site!  
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Welcome to the EPIC week of Hotober October! MsThang69 is coming to visit and we are celebrating my 10 year cammiversary!! Winter Grand is joining us on our 5 day SeXxXTravaganza! We are giving away prizes, shooting hot videos and photos together and having a blast! AND YOU ARE INVITED! We are EXCLUSIVELY camming on:

Raffles are taking place EVERY hour on the hour that we are LIVE on cams!  You DO NOT have to be present to win, just provide us contact information (your email to platinumpuzzy@gmail.com)

Special DISCOUNTS on tickets will be offered EVERY hour. Make sure you are TUNED in with tokens ready to spend and grab the deals while they last. The super deals will only be for 1 minute!

Buy Tickets for our raffle:
Tickets are 10 tokens per ticket
200 for 25
400 for 60
600 for 100

Digital Prizes:
Simon says for 5 minutes – you choose flashes for 5 minutes.
Custom Video & Photo Set
Special date with us via Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, Kik or other password show on CB.
Control my lush for an entire day.
100+ video package
My personal #, snapchat 4 life, kik for life.


Tangible Prizes:
Pocket Pussy
Big Butt Magazines
Men’s lingerie





Control ALL 3 of our Lush toys (5min)= 200 tokens
Join our hourly 30 minute password show = 300 tokens
Feed us with pizza, wings, appetizers and soda pop! 1000 tokens
Run the show for 15 minutes (become moderator) and direct us = 1500 tokens

Buy your front row seats to our private shoots (password shows)
Access to ALL shoots 1000 tokens
Access PER shoot 400 tokens





King Tipper for the Day wins the daily prize package

King Tipper for the Week wins the Ultimate prize package





Pay Piggies MUST tip 1000 tokens to join the Pay Pig Pen.
—- splendadaddy83 | hayward702 | digitaldick —-



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Which cam site is the best?

This is a very difficult question to answer.  If you asked me a year ago, I would’ve told you that Streamate was the #1 site for traffic conversion.  At the time, I was making great money with minimal effort.  Then the glitches happened and all my conversions crashed.  I would sit online for HOURS with no conversation and members showing unstable connections.  It was VERY frustrating.

I have never found too much consistency in MyFreeCams.  And the profile score I have is mega LOW… probably because I rarely log on and when I do it’s usually just a back up while I cam elsewhere.  I’ve converted very little on their site and it seems that a good majority of those I find on the site take the “FREE” in MyFreeCams pretty seriously as if it’s an insult to pay.  Nonetheless, I stay loyal because they do have the BEST models, the best booth’s at conventions and ultimately treat their models much better than other companies.

Lately though, Chaturbate is where it’s at!  I have been doing VERY well on their site now that I have figured out how to operate the bots, and turn their members into more than just a 1 time stop and tip to lasting daily visitors.  I love that the room is open so you can be naked through out your entire show, although I also hate that non payers get to watch for free too but can’t have it all your way.

I also like the ability to promote yourself and not feel restricted from connecting more personally with your fans.  I think the really eliminates some of the anxiety of being on other sites as they have strict regulations that jeopardize your livelihood.

Cams.com I have not really been camming on as much.  I hate being clothed and having to really entice someone to take me private.  I need to get back on more frequently.. learn the tools the site offers and be more active.

There are a ton of other sites that you can cam from, I personally however think the above 3 are the top sites I’ve personally cammed for.  If you have any suggestions, or questions feel free to comment below!

A great way to help make extra money while you promote yourself is to sign up for the site’s affiliate program and customize your promotional links to generate revenue for every click.

Streamate Affiliate Program

Chaturbate Affiliate Program

MyFreeCams Affiliate Program

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Death by Squirt Juice R.I.P Tiffany!

Death by Squirt Juice R.I.P Tiffany!

R.I.P “Tiffany”

Everyone has that 1 piece of equipment that’s “Old Faithful.”  The one that lasts longer, works the best, and you usually spend the most money on.  My laptop was named “Tiffany” for the Tiffany blue casing that protected it from virtually any damage.  She had the key cover, the shell casing and a screen protector to insure her ultimate safety.  BUT….none of that would guard it from it’s ultimate fate.

Last week, Winter Grand and I participated in a “Squirt Olympics” where we competed to see who could squirt the furthest.  The room was covered in plastic for protection, including the laptop.  There were clear plastic cups with different colored Kool Aid that would fill up with squirt juice once we started the games.  Everything was precisely planned and ready to roll.

I set off with some amazing streams but unfortunately they went in the wrong direction.  I ENDED UP SQUIRTING IN MY OWN FACE!!!  Yes…. splashing myself and giving myself a facial shower.  My aim was WAY off and didn’t even reach the cups!  I was SO sure I was going to hit each of the cups and remain the SQUIRT QUEEN!  There was no way the newbie squirter, Winter was going to OUT SQUIRT me!  NO WAY!

She was nervous, but prepared.  She drank water ALL day and even up until it was time for her to squeeze out that pussy juice.  She struggled for a while, having NO streaming squirt juice and just gushes of fluids emerging from her young puss.  Her determination would pay off in the end.  She started streaming, spraying and splashing a lot closer to the cups than I had ever reached.   Winter took the victory of the Squirt Olympics.

We returned to our normal days, and my good ol’ faithful Tiff worked normal.  Until Monday, she took the final plunge and bit the dust.  I took her to the doctor who opened up and found recent signs of corrosion in the logic board which caused it’s final crash.

We return tomorrow, Thursday, October 5th at 7pm est for another amazing show and surprise sexy theme!  Tune in to win a FREE pass to PlatinumPuzzy.com as 1 lucky winner will get a 30 day pass to my site!  You don’t want to miss what we have in store for you!!


—- Want to help donate to the new laptop fund?  Your website membership, store purchases, and cam shows will help raise money for a new laptop.  You can support me in my hard work and efforts with private purchases of my items.  Google wallet, Venmo, Square Invoicing & other options are available OR just join PlatinumPuzzy.com —-


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