I feel like a commercial when I keep saying this is the best show on earth, but it TRULY is!  For us models, as well as business owners/sponsors/companies, Camcon caters to their contributors.  Other shows are fast paced, long, tiring and not a whole lot of fun.  You spend TONS of money to walk away feeling like you threw it away.

Camcon is growing fast and now that they’ve teamed with Xbiz to do their summer show together, it’s the ultimate experience all the way around!  I am totally excited to network, attend seminars and meet new faces as well as reunite with people I’ve met at past shows.

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The hotel is amazing, on the beach and right on the South Beach strip of Miami.  It’s close to everything so you can literally park and walk anywhere you need to go.  The pool is fabulous and the rumor is that most of the show will take place next to the pool!  HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?

I see a lot of people talking about attending other shows and concerned about being PLUS SIZE in an event with a lot of smaller built girls of the business, but I can CLEARLY say without a doubt that we’ve been treated with up most respect and professionalism.  Matter of fact, EVERYONE loves us and always wants to hang out with us!!

Save your money and go to THIS show!  I personally guarantee you will not regret it and have the best time doing business!!

Models, register now by going to:   CAMCON.COM!





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