This is a very difficult question to answer.  If you asked me a year ago, I would’ve told you that Streamate was the #1 site for traffic conversion.  At the time, I was making great money with minimal effort.  Then the glitches happened and all my conversions crashed.  I would sit online for HOURS with no conversation and members showing unstable connections.  It was VERY frustrating.

I have never found too much consistency in MyFreeCams.  And the profile score I have is mega LOW… probably because I rarely log on and when I do it’s usually just a back up while I cam elsewhere.  I’ve converted very little on their site and it seems that a good majority of those I find on the site take the “FREE” in MyFreeCams pretty seriously as if it’s an insult to pay.  Nonetheless, I stay loyal because they do have the BEST models, the best booth’s at conventions and ultimately treat their models much better than other companies.

Lately though, Chaturbate is where it’s at!  I have been doing VERY well on their site now that I have figured out how to operate the bots, and turn their members into more than just a 1 time stop and tip to lasting daily visitors.  I love that the room is open so you can be naked through out your entire show, although I also hate that non payers get to watch for free too but can’t have it all your way.

I also like the ability to promote yourself and not feel restricted from connecting more personally with your fans.  I think the really eliminates some of the anxiety of being on other sites as they have strict regulations that jeopardize your livelihood. I have not really been camming on as much.  I hate being clothed and having to really entice someone to take me private.  I need to get back on more frequently.. learn the tools the site offers and be more active.

There are a ton of other sites that you can cam from, I personally however think the above 3 are the top sites I’ve personally cammed for.  If you have any suggestions, or questions feel free to comment below!

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