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In 2011, I joined with a couple of friends to appear on the Bill Cunningham Show. Originally, they wanted me to bring a family member that doesn’t agree with me doing “sex work” but I refused to have my family appear on national tv to air out any indifferences we may have. Stuck in a situation, they enjoyed my energy and passion for my job, they found another way for me to appear.

I had a friend that was also in the business with me, and so they created a story line that we agreed to. A free trip to NY, a little exposure and some time with my girls seemed like no big issue. We flew out the next day, landed in NY and proceeded to make our way to the daytime talk show.

First stop? Times Square! We went to Dave & Busters to meet up with some friends and enjoy a few drinks. We had a blast, and were excited about our morning appearance on the popular talk show. After our evening wrapped up, we went to our separate hotels and got some rest for our 6am wake up call!

The limo arrived bright and early to pick me up from my hotel, and as I entered into the studio I immediately thought that we were being set up for an entirely different kind of show than what they originally told us. The night before, Mimi Melons who was the friend I was appearing with, had gotten into a social media disagreement. Two of the girls names were on the doors of the studio and I instantly thought that they had brought us under false pretenses with intentions of them airing their online beef on the show.

I call Mimi and tell her my discovery and she is bugged out! Her response was “FUCK IT….!!” And we continued with the day as if we knew nothing. The other guests began to arrive to the studio, and ironically the girl she had beef with needed an outfit to wear as what she brought was evidently inappropriate for the show. They asked myself and Mimi if we would lend our extra outfits. Are you kidding me? My CLOTHES? Nah…

So we get into hair and make up, and apparently the girl had an issue with me now BUT as she sat next to me for over an hour, she didn’t say WORD 1 to me. Just mean mugged me and I ignored her. I don’t acknowledge the dumb shit and I certainly wasn’t going to be fake nice or confrontational. I didn’t have any issues… your problem with me or anyone else is YOUR problem. SO I laughed with the staff, chatted with my friend and made small talk with the make up artists. Who are you again? LOL.

Next came the green room… still NOTHING. More looks that could kill but still not a word. At this point, I am just laughing inside that people act SO hard online but when they get face to face it’s a whole different story. More so, why you so mad at me but not saying anything? Why do I matter SO much to you? I am NO ONE… don’t let a social media beef ruin your day!

We film the episode. After the taping, they bring us to an alley way where we await the limo to go to the airport. No tickets in hand, however… just waiting to see what is next. We ALL get into the limo. Still NOT A WORD. We end up at the same terminal. STILL NOT A WORD.

She gets on her flight, I get on mine…. and when I arrive in Florida a few hours later I find SOCIAL MEDIA BULLSHIT calling me “out” and saying I am too scared to call into a radio show that was set up specifically to confront me?? Really?

First of all, you had ALL day to say anything you had to say. Secondly, you were at the same airport I was and know I cannot “call in” to a radio show from 20,000 feet in the air. Thirdly, an entire RADIO SHOW to talk about me and your issues with me? Get the fuck outta here…

I just laughed it off, and moved on. I enjoyed my trip to NY… got to see some great friends and made my little tv time appearance! I don’t get into social media beefs and frankly, just beefing in general is for high school kids. We don’t have to like each other… and that’s ok with me.

I never got to see the full episode but found this trailer on Youtube.  This was a lot of fun to do… and I was able to get my point across that we are people, not just FAT SEX WORKERS.  Of course, I am not sure how they edited it to look to the general public but our mission was genuine!

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